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I am passionate about our local area and from my work and voluntary experience know what local families and our community need. I would like to hear your views on how we can change Broad Green for the better and work with you to rebuild prosperity in Croydon and specifically in Broad Green, so lets start taking action and delivering results.

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Season’s Greetings

While Labour scored big win in Croydon in May 2018 , this year has been marked with the chaos and incompetence of the Conservative government and their policies of pursuing hard Brexit and austerity affecting people in Croydon and across the country.
Since my election in May 2018 I have been working with my fellow councillors, with you and local residents;
  • to tackle youth crime by adopting and applying the public health approach of working with schools, police, council officials and health services.
  • to tackle the poor air quality by working with local community groups and schools
  • to utilise ward budget and S106 money to deliver greening Broad Green projects to improve provision of green spaces on London road
  • to work on plan for making roads around schools safer and free of pollution and apply for funding to TfL to implement the healthy schools neighbourhood project in Broad Green
  • to work with local businesses to ensure they have the right support to thrive and provide local jobs.
So I am  delighted to wish you all Season’s Greetings/Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looking forward to working with you to deliver more of Labour’s manifesto commitments in the new year.
Cllr Muhammad Ali

Labour Victory in Broad Green

I feel honoured and humbled to be elected as a Councillor to represent the residents of Broad Green Ward along with Manju Shahul Hameed and Stuart Collins.

This is the beginning of a new chapter and I am looking forward to working with Croydon Labour leadership, my fellow Labour Councillors Manju and Stuart and residents of Broad Green on my key priorities for local area. These include tackling youth crime and anti-social behaviour, improving air quality, cleaning & greening Broad Green and ensuring Broad Green benefits from investment in local infrastructure and Westfield shopping centre.

I will share more details in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for your support.

Muhammad Ali

Cllr Broad Green Ward

Our Green Mile 04-03-2018

Working with local community groups today I joined local Labour Councillors and Steve Reed MP to launch #OurGreenMile project by planting colourful planters outside West Croydon Station and Thorton Heath Pond.

The idea of Our Geen Mile came about in discussion with local community volunteers (Malcolm and Pete) to create a “Green” Corridor along the London Road linking West Croydon Station Energy Garden and Thornton Heath Pond.

A lot of credit for making this a success goes to Malcolm (Chair BGRA) and Pete (THCAT).

Pictures from the day…

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Some of the key objectives of this initiatives are;

  • To improve the public realm on London Road, and privately owned spaces alongside the road by installing green planter, trees and hanging baskets at appropriate locations under the community stewardship concept.
  • To help improve the local air quality around London Road, and the Health and wellbeing of residents, people who work on London Road, and those who use it as a transport route in line with the TfL’s Healthy Streets concept.
  • To give local people more pride in their local area, which should lead to less littering and fly-tipping.

Season’s greetings

I am delighted to wish all of you season’s greetings and best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year.

I am also looking forward to collaborating with you in 2018 for a prosperous Croydon and Broad Green with Labour victories in the local election.




Croydon Council approves Westfield shopping centre

Croydon council has approved plans for a £1.4bn Westfield shopping centre, which  promises up to 7,000 new jobs and 1,000 new homes. The work to redevelop the town’s Whitgift and Centrale shopping centres will begin in 2019.

I am pleased with this news as this will bring the necessary development in the form of new homes including affordable homes and thousands of jobs making Croydon a place to live, work and spend free time.






Muhammad Ali for Broad Green

I would like to hear your views on how we can change Broad Green for the better and  work with you to rebuild prosperity in Croydon and specifically in Broad Green by working on the following three key priority areas;

Cleaning up Broad Green and tackling air pollution

Broad Green suffers from chronic fly-tipping, has 4.5% green spaces compared with 32.2% across Croydon and is in an air quality management zone due to its poor air quality. Residents have told me that fly-tipping, air pollution and lack of green spaces is a concern for them. Working with the local community and businesses we need to act on a coherent plan to keep our streets clean, tackle irresponsible people who dump rubbish on our streets, increase green spaces and improve air quality in our local area especially for our children. I have the relevant experience in managing council contracts, planning & regeneration and sustainable transport to tackle these issues effectively.

  • It will be my number one priority to improve our current waste handling contract by working with the Veolia (contractor) and community groups to improve this service.
  • I will work with you to develop an action plan to utilise Council grants and developers’ funding to increase the provision of green spaces and improve air quality for everyone especially our children.

Tackling anti-social behaviour and Crime

As a local resident I am aware of and concerned about the level of crime and anti-social behaviour taking place on our streets especially on sections of London Road. Working with the local community, local police and Community Support Officers I will make sure visible presence of officers on our streets to deter crime and at the same time put together an action plan to create local youth facilities and training opportunities to enable our local young people to succeed in life.

Creating Opportunities for our local youth and children

 As a School Governor and community worker I have the experience to turn things around so that our children and young people have the opportunities to be resourceful in creating better lives for themselves and contributing to the community they live in. I will work hard to ensure young people, teachers and parents all have a say in creating the local schools, youth facilities and training opportunities we need to enable our local young people to succeed.

You need a local Labour Councillor who understands the local issues, is an experienced campaigner in the community, able to provide the local leadership necessary to make change happen; and effectively represent local people in the Town Hall. My commitment, values and experience make me an ideal Labour candidate and champion for Broad Green.

I hope I can count on your support. 

Best wishes

Muhammad Ali

Taking Action: Delivering Results