Our Green Mile 04-03-2018

Working with local community groups today I joined local Labour Councillors and Steve Reed MP to launch #OurGreenMile project by planting colourful planters outside West Croydon Station and Thorton Heath Pond.

The idea of Our Geen Mile came about in discussion with local community volunteers (Malcolm and Pete) to create a “Green” Corridor along the London Road linking West Croydon Station Energy Garden and Thornton Heath Pond.

A lot of credit for making this a success goes to Malcolm (Chair BGRA) and Pete (THCAT).

Pictures from the day…

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Some of the key objectives of this initiatives are;

  • To improve the public realm on London Road, and privately owned spaces alongside the road by installing green planter, trees and hanging baskets at appropriate locations under the community stewardship concept.
  • To help improve the local air quality around London Road, and the Health and wellbeing of residents, people who work on London Road, and those who use it as a transport route in line with the TfL’s Healthy Streets concept.
  • To give local people more pride in their local area, which should lead to less littering and fly-tipping.

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