Season’s Greetings

While Labour scored big win in Croydon in May 2018 , this year has been marked with the chaos and incompetence of the Conservative government and their policies of pursuing hard Brexit and austerity affecting people in Croydon and across the country.
Since my election in May 2018 I have been working with my fellow councillors, with you and local residents;
  • to tackle youth crime by adopting and applying the public health approach of working with schools, police, council officials and health services.
  • to tackle the poor air quality by working with local community groups and schools
  • to utilise ward budget and S106 money to deliver greening Broad Green projects to improve provision of green spaces on London road
  • to work on plan for making roads around schools safer and free of pollution and apply for funding to TfL to implement the healthy schools neighbourhood project in Broad Green
  • to work with local businesses to ensure they have the right support to thrive and provide local jobs.
So I am  delighted to wish you all Season’s Greetings/Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looking forward to working with you to deliver more of Labour’s manifesto commitments in the new year.
Cllr Muhammad Ali

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